Buchlov Castle - one of the oldest and largest royal castles


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About 3 kilometers northwest of Buchlovice stands on a high hill visible and majestic Buchlov Castle. The castle is an example of medieval fortress architecture and the castle interiors document the development of housing culture from the 15th to the 19th century.

The beginnings of the castle date back to the first half of the 13th century. It was founded by the Czech king as a strategic defensive fortress and administrative center with the jurisdiction of the so-called hunting law. The visitor circuit includes Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque rooms with an exposition of the lifestyle of the castle owners from the 14th to the 19th century; The collections include an extensive collection of medieval panel paintings, a remarkable Baroque family gallery, armory, library, natural history collections of travelers and naturalists Leopold and Bedřich Berchtold, and a somewhat mysterious Egyptian mummy. The tour of the castle ends with a visit to the lookout tower. A visit to the castle can be combined with a tour of the owners' tomb in the nearby chapel of St. Barbara.

Source: Kudy z nudy (11.6.2020)

In Buchlov you can choose from many possible tours: Buchlov Castle complex - without a guide, I. and II. castle courtyard, thematic exhibitions in the entrance room. Buchlov in the changes of time - with a guide, black kitchen, armory, library, Gothic and Renaissance spaces, natural history collections and the Berchtold family museum, Egyptological collections, lookout tower. Museum of the Counts of Berchtold - with a guide, armory, scientific collections and the Berchtold family museum, Egyptological collections, observation tower. View of the region - with a guide, lookout tower. With crayons to Buchlov Castle - a children's circuit with a guide and accompaniment. Theater fairy tale + children's circuit - Sunday in July and August. Stairs to the stars - with a guide, night ascent to the tower, reservation required in advance, June - August.

Source: Kudy z nudy (11.6.2020)

You can use the otherwise inaccessible castle fence and other spaces as part of a special sightseeing circuit called Buchlovská spirála. On the route, you will follow in the footsteps of the building development of the castle, which was also affected by fires or conquerors. This sightseeing route is selective, limited by the number of people and is intended primarily for those interested in learning about medieval architecture and the history of historic buildings. The guide is an expert of the NPÚ, ÚOP Kroměříž.

Source: Kudy z nudy (11.6.2020)

Restored antependium
The main decorative part of the altar from the 15th century - the antependium made of goatskin leather - has returned to the main tour of Buchlov Castle. After a complete restoration, it can be seen from the beginning of May 2018 in the fortification chapel. The Gothic antependium measuring 80 x 190 centimeters consists of three parts: two are lateral, on which are ornaments in red and green inlaid with silver. In the middle is an oval medallion with a motif of St. Peter.

Source: Kudy z nudy (11.6.2020)

History of Buchov Castle
The oldest part of the castle consisted of defensive towers with a residential palace and a chapel. The chapel was built in the 1980s by the Prague stonemason's foundry on the model of St. Chapelle - Royal Castle in Paris. Although the castle was the permanent property of the king until the 16th century, it was often pledged to aristocratic families. At the end of the 15th century, it was owned by the lords of Cimburk, under whom a representative knight's hall was built in the late Gothic style. In 1511, the castle passed into private possession.

From the 16th to the 18th century, the Moravian families of lords alternated with Žerotín, Zástřizl and Petřvald. In Buchlov, building alterations were still taking place in the spirit of the Renaissance and Baroque. However, as early as 1701, the chateau in Buchlovice was completed, to which the owners moved permanently only in 1751. The last holders of Buchlov in 1800 were the Counts of Berchtold of Uherčice. Thanks to two half-brothers, the Enlightenment, Dr. Leopold I. Berchtold and dr. Bedřich Berchtold, a family museum was established in the castle, which was opened to the public in the middle of the 19th century.

Source: Kudy z nudy (11.6.2020)
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Source: Kudy z nudy